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Bluebank Donates 100 Units Electronic Schoolbag to No.38 middle school

2017-4-19 18:25:32      Click:

Bluebank Donated 100 Units Electronic Schoolbag to No.38 Middle School



Bluebank donated 100 units Electronic Schoolbag to No.38 middle school with Beijing Tongfangzhihaole Education Technology Company and Chongqing Longheng Technology Company. Those Electronic Schoolbags will provide smart teaching solution and open new teaching style.

Electronic Schoolbag includes teacher device, student device, and operation system. Using internet, Electronic Schoolbag can build a virtual classroom. Both teacher and students can use Electronic Schoolbag system to complete preview, discussion , testing and extending study. Tongfangzhihaole’s general manager Mr.Zhao introduced that the Electronic Schoolbag actually build a new teaching environment named “double classroom” and combined virtual classroom with reality classroom. Electronic Schoolbag solves the difficult questions in reality classroom such as   individualized learning and timely feedback.



The Minister of Propaganda Department of Nanan District Wei Xiaohong, The deputy director of Chongqing education commission Jiang Peng, The minister of education commission of Nanan District Bao Ruhua, Bluebank communication, TongfangZhihaole company, longheng technologh and representatives of middle schools in Nanan District, teachers and student of No.38 middle school attended the donation ceremony