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Chongqing Intelligent Terminal andInternet of ThingsAssociation held first salon in IT Cafe

2016-2-1 17:14:52      Click:

In the first salon of Chongqing Intelligent Terminal andInternet of Things Association, Intelexperts introduced the products and strategy of Intel in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), wearable devices, Internet of things, and intelligent terminals. And let people know the details of the new technology just released by Intel CEO at CES. Especially, Intel has a big market and already a long time effectivein the field of video surveillance, in POS, and advertising machine, etc.

Mr. Zheng, the district mayor of Chongqing Nanan district, also attended the salon. He told to all participators that the IT café located in the two rivers (Yangzi River and Jialing River) intersection with such a good view of Chongqing, also hopesIT Caféto be able to promote communication of industry.