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Dec. 13, 2015: Grand Opening of Chongqing IT Café

2016-2-1 17:17:08      Click:

In Dec. 13, 2015, sponsored by Chongqing Intelligent Terminal and Internet of Things Association, Chongqing IT Caféis grand open. It is the mark of Chongqing Intelligent Terminal and Internet of Things Association becomes the force in the industry. The association and IT caféis committed to promoting intelligent terminal and Internet enterprise cooperation, and cooperation in these enterprises and financial enterprises, and government cooperation.This is a get- together place, and a fusion of innovation platform.


IT café located in the two rivers (Yangzi River and Jialing River) intersection with such a good view of Chongqing. IT Café is a symbol of the industry integration between each other and integratebetween industrial enterprises and financial enterprises. More than welcome our friends to come to IT café.


Address:  6F/D1-2 Sunshine 100/Nanbin Road/Nan’an District/Chongqing 400062/China