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I Core EmbraceIntelligence life – Bluebank New Product Release Meeting

2016-2-1 17:25:46      Click:

Sep.19, 2014, Bluebank and Intel held “I Core Embrace Intelligence life” new product release and experiential meeting. Mr. Zheng, the district mayor of Chongqing Nanan district, introduced the Nan’an district and mentioned that the government will improve support to High Technology Company. Bluebank president Tao gave the details of the new products including: BYT-PL PCBABYT-PS PCBABYT-PN PCBABYT-706 PCBA and the incomingSoFIA PCBA (SOFPS). The highlight of Bluebank’s products is one PCBA can support 7-10 inch tablets and bring more choices for cooperation companies.

Mr. WK Tan, Intel vice President, mobile communications, product architecture group's general manager, believes that with President Tao’s lead, Bluebank, as an experienced team with so many experts had proved their abilities with the past few year work with Intel. And this is the reason why Intel chooses to cooperate with Bluebank.


Brent Young, Intel China of CTE in sales and product marketing director,though Bluebank is a technical company which had very deep influence in industry. Microsoft OEM division director of customer technical promotion, Rex Wei detailed introduced the new features of Windows tablets, and shared the advantages of Windows tablets.

After the new product release meeting, the customers fully experienced Bluebank’s four-core solutions of tablets and had given credit for Intel Bay-trail CR and SoFIA 3G platform products. Many tablet manufactures had decided to cooperate with Bluebank.